Rediscovering your beautiful sacredness while you walk your path to healing begins with a journey of small but powerful steps. Awaken your dreams now and give yourself permission to rebuild and renew!

Bronze Empowering Coaching Program

$400.00 monthly

Each session is tailored around you and can include:

  • Clear limiting beliefs and stuck emotions
  • Reconnect to your intuition
  • Embody your authentic self
  • Cultivate nourishing boundaries & relationships
  • Pursue life wholeheartedly
  • Feminine embodiment, self-care and compassion
  • Forgiveness & letting go
  • Embodying abundance
  • Goals and vision for self

Losing a child has a profound effect on a mother’s emotional wellbeing and affects every area of her life. Are you frustrated because the sudden breakdown makes you feel like a total failure and you want to stop second-guessing yourself as a professional woman? My mission should you wish to accept it is with a three-step process that is unapologetically just about you, so you can break through the glass ceiling of grief to continue a successful career and in 6 weeks from now take charge of 1. time management 2. sleep deprivation and 3. sudden grief outbursts by implementing a 20minute-a-day-success-management-plan. A Program for Heart-Centered, Spirit-Led Women Seeking Greater Confidence, Connection and Courage as a Path to Healing & Transforming Our Sense of What it Means to Be a mother in a world that doesn’t understand profound grief.

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